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Welding equipment Org  provides the welders and welding enthusiasts a place to learn about welding equipment and machines. New and used, welding equipment message swap board for people to sell or trade welding machines, machinery and equipment. Our mission is to provide welders with easy access to welding suppliers and manufactures. All of the links on this page are a free service to the metal working industry. This is non profit non pay per click web site. If you think a website would be helpful to welders let us know so we can see about a link to the welding source of information. This site is dedicated the men and women who weld. 

Below are links to the major manufactures and sellers of welding equipment.
Your Best Source on the Internet for Welding Machines

welding positioners terms and information


arc welder

Below are links to welding processes information help and on welding equipment and machines knowledge base.

The main weld school location for welding training in North America

Weld Plus Welding Positioners  

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